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Nigeria is a dominant force in the tech space and has consistently accounted for a majority of the funding that comes to Africa. Here’s why.

Nigeria and South Africa accounted for 28% of the total funding that…

3 Ways that third party services can help skyrocket your startup.

Innovation consulting firms have been created to help people in these kinds of situations.

Oftentimes, you need some consulting help from someone outside of the company that can give you thoughtful, unbiased advice. But first, you may need to find out where these services are offered or what kinds of…

Startups often compete with big brands for visibility. Here’s how WordPress could help your business win.

A 2020 Statista report shows around 2 billion people shopped for goods and services online.

The internet is fast proving to be a game-changer in the way businesses operate. It has forced them to go digital. The trend was especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why it’s the best time for you to switch your career path & find a job you’ll love.

Your startup doesn’t need a full organisational plan the day it opens, but it will need a basic HR management framework & operational plan.

A lack of investment in human resources implies that startups and small companies are initially more concerned with speeding administrative processes and cutting expenses than growing an effective team.

Startups have a tough journey and workload ahead of them, and it can be hard to knock out…

Actionable strategies to help you build a diverse talent pool & ensure your organisation’s diversity, equity and inclusion.

Facebook, for example, has grown from 3% Black workers to 3.8% between 2014 and 2020. Though there’s been some progress, it’s been slow.

Other tech companies that consistently share diversity reports, namely Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft, have shown low single-digit growth. So, what’s coming in the way of businesses committing to diversity goals?

6 Steps for team leaders & managers to help their teams set goals & reach them.

1. Put your thoughts on paper before reaching out to your team

The very first thing you need to consider before you address your team is to make your “wants” clear to yourself. …

Everything you need to know from hiring employees, managing them properly & ensuring effective communication in a remote startup.

In fact, research shows that 71% of remote workers are happy in their current job.

However, with this sudden change, various remote startups still make tons of mistakes while hiring employees, managing them properly, and ensuring effective communication.

With more processes moving to the Cloud, it’s important to fortify your cybersecurity and ensure your company data doesn’t get hacked.

Cybersecurity is very important for any business and should always be taken seriously, as it can entirely determine whether your business succeeds or not.

The danger of being hacked for company or private information is now more prevalent. So, it’s crucial to…

If you’re starting to wonder if working from home is still right for you, here are some things to consider before committing.

Now you might have to consider if working from home is still right for you, or if it makes more sense to go back to the office.

Some of the benefits of working from home are not having to commute and saving money on clothing, fuel, lunches, etc. But as a downside, working remotely can also be lonely with little or no support. …


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